FLACA Accelerate Conference

Conference Location: Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs Resort

Conference Date & Time: October 14, 2023

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Class & Training Schedule:

Saturday, October 14th

8:00 – 11:45 am Morning Sessions:

M1 Bill Haas – Hass Performance | Shop Production and Payroll That Drive Profits

M2 Kim & Brian Walker – Shop Marketing Pros | Creating Shop Culture That Attracts Customers & Techs

M3 Rick White – 180Biz | Becoming the Leader Your Team Will Follow

T1 Technical Session 1 – Sean Tipping | Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Diagnostics

T2 Technical Session 2 – John Thornton | Variable Valve Lift Operation and Diagnostics

T3 Technical Session 3 – Adam Robertson & Gary Smith | Network Nightmares: Solving the Diagnostic Distress (Morning Session)

12:00 – 2:00 pm Lunch & Trade Show

2:00 – 5:30 pm Afternoon Sessions:

M4 Bill Haas- Bill Haas Performance | Why Things Don’t Get Done and What to Do About It

M5 Kim & Brian Walker – Shop Marketing Pros | Creating Loyal Customers: How to Make Them Feel Special

M6 Rick White – 180Biz | Becoming a True Shop Owner

T3 Technical Session 3 – Adam Robertson & Gary Smith | Network Nightmares: Solving the Diagnostic Distress (Continuation of Morning Session)

T4 Technical Session 4 – Rich Falco-Brin Kline | Scan Data Analysis: GDI Analytic Test Drive (Interactive)

T5 Technical Session 5 – John Thornton | Hybrid Diagnostic Case Studies

T6 Technical Session 6 – Jim Morton | Diagnostic Bliss: Assembling the Puzzle Pieces for an Efficient and Profitable Diagnosis Process

5:30 – 7:30 pm Reception & Trade Show – Door Prizes

*Schedule subject to change

Attendee Pricing:

FLACA or ACA Members                                        $ 249.00

Non Members                                                          $ 299.00

Early Bird -Before August 21,2023

Members                                                                   $ 219.00

Non Members                                                          $ 269.00

Pricing Includes Training Sessions, Meals, Breaks, and Trade Show.

**Cancellations accepted up to Sept 13, 2023, @ $ 30.00 processing fee 


Classes & Trainings

Bill Haas | Haas Performance Consulting

Shop Production and Payroll That Drive Profits  

Many things contribute to your profit or lack of it. Our ability to produce work in a timely manner is the best way to make a store profitable. Lost hours kill profit. Making sure you get past all the obstacles of selling time, using time efficiently, and measuring time are critical to making a profit. Implement a strategy for getting paid for what you do and getting paid for what you know. There is a difference. 

Once the revenue (all the above) is addressed we will move on to cost. Which is our payroll. Making sure we know who is on the payroll, why they are on the payroll and how they are paid is another driver of profits. 

Your employee retention strategy is to charge appropriately and then pay more than your competition. Employees will never consider leaving for more money.


Brian & Kim Walker | Shop Marketing Pros

Creating a Shop Culture That Attracts Customers + Techs

In today’s world, culture matters. By that, we mean your shop culture. Are you creating an environment that attracts customers but also new team members? In this class, former shop owners Brian and Kim Walker will share top tips to help top-tier shops create a culture worth being a part of. Take this class and learn:

What it means to have extraordinary shop culture

How to create an environment others want to be a part of

Techniques for sharing your shop culture

Methods other top-tier shops are using

Ways to document and maintain shop culture as you grow

And, more! Don’t miss out on this powerful session.


Rick White | 180BIZ


Becoming the leader your team will follow is all about knowing yourself, understanding your team, and inspiring them to become better versions of themselves.  A true leader will make a shop more successful. 

While there are many managers, few have the skills to lead.  This workshop helps to explain the difference between managers and leaders, expose the greatest misconceptions about leadership, and give you practical tools for being the great leader your team really needs! In it, I give you the tools to become a great leader resulting in a happier team, more sales on the front counter, and customers who start as visitors but stay as loyal fans!


Bill Haas | Haas Performance Consulting

Why Things Don’t Get Done and What to Do About It

Procrastination is a complex behavior. It is not a habit as many think. This psychological behavior affects everyone. It ranges from a minor problem for some to a serious source of stress and anxiety for others. 

Contrary to what you might think, procrastination is only slightly related to time management. If there is a significant period of time between the time you intend to do something and the actual time you do it. You are a procrastinator. Eliminating or even reducing procrastination leads to less stress, better health, and improved earnings.

Gain an understanding of the characteristics of procrastinators, learn the benefits of overcoming procrastination, and adopt anti-procrastination strategies.


Brian & Kim Walker | Shop Marketing Pros

Creating Loyal Customers: How to Make Them Feel Special

Your customers are being bombarded with marketing from your competition – and everyone else! Not only do you need to stay top of mind, but you can keep your customers coming back to you over and over by making them feel special. In this class, former teacher, counselor, and shop owner Kim Walker will share easy, clever, and creative ways that you can connect with your customers so that they would never think of going anywhere else. After taking this session, you will:

Appreciate even more the idea of customer loyalty

Have new ideas for fostering customer loyalty

Understand how to implement ideas that make your customers feel special

Connect customers’ feelings with your marketing.


Rick White 180BIZ     


Most shop owners start out as a technician and then become an advisor. It doesn’t take long to realize that you can’t manage the shop from a creeper and you can’t lead it from the front counter. So, you take the leap and start working “on” your business instead of “in” your business. That’s what you’re supposed to do right? Now you feel completely lost and uncomfortable. Like you’re not contributing to your business the way you used to. Does any of this sound like you? Then this class is for you! This class will show you how to lead your business in a way you KNOW you are not just contributing but guaranteeing your success long into the future. We will talk about how to lead for tomorrow and how to make more money – not just manage your business for today. You’ll learn:  Why the transition is so hard and it’s normal! The 9 Primary Responsibilities you have in your business·  What to do on a daily, weekly, and annual basis to take you and your business to the next level.


Sean Tipping | STmobilediag

Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Diagnostics

In this presentation, we explore the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence and how (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the field of automotive repair. Attendees gain insights into how AI can assist technicians in overcoming the challenges of diagnosing complex automotive issues. Attendees also learn about AI-driven tools, user-friendly interfaces, and virtual assistants that enhance technicians’ capabilities. The presentation emphasizes the collaborative nature of AI and human expertise, highlighting the importance of technicians’ role in leveraging AI’s potential.


John Thornton  

Variable Valve Lift Operation and Diagnostics

VVL systems are common in modern-day engine management systems.  Many times, VVL works with Variable Cam Timing systems to increase engine performance and efficiency.

This class will teach technicians how Variable Valve Lift systems work and a diagnostic process for these popular engines that will be in your shop, (which you can apply to other manufacturers). The main goal of this class is to show how to accurately uncover & define VVL problems before disassembly.

Topics Covered:

  • Operation of VVL
  • Modes of Operation
  • Find VVL issues before disassembly
  • How to separate VVL issues from other engine mechanical problems
  • What to do when manufacturers offer little to no scan data
  • Diagnostic routines used can and will translate to other manufacturers.


Adam Robertson | Gary Smith

Network Nightmares: Solving the Diagnostic Distress (Interactive Class)

There is no doubt that data communications/network issues are amongst the most difficult, time consuming and costly diagnostics that we encounter. These problems fall into several categories: codes and multiple communication DTCs, scan tool errors, vehicle wiring and component faults, intermittents and more. This class is designed to provide some sound NEW diagnostic routines and the road maps that we have developed over many years of study and application in network diagnostics. Topics will include:

– The operation of the many communication protocols (languages) including single and dual wire, ethernet, fiber optic, wireless and the rules that make them work.

                RF, the radio signals that are common today for; HMI, TPMS, entry/starting systems, etc.

                Network “wake-up” strategies and wakeup waveform analysis.              

                Fault tolerance and lack there-of, how dirty can the signal be and still work?

– The physical mechanism’s that makes a network function, terminated bus lines and CAN Nodes, how this relates to scope diagnostics on network bus lines

Learn 5 VISUAL scope waveforms that can TARGET our problem if we understand how to interpret what the waveform is telling us.

-The proper application of scan tools and lab scope together, our diagnostic “tips ‘n tricks”

                Data interpretation, serial decoding, math channels, XY views, masks, alarms and more

-Each topic will be backed up with real case studies to re-enforce the strategies used.

All of this is followed up with live demonstrations that each technician will perform and prove-out on their own computer. Please bring your own computer with PicoScope automotive 6 and 7 installed, both are free at www.picoauto.com. This is a critical step regardless of the scope that is used at your shop. Not mandatory, but you will retain more of the hands-on component if you do!


Rich Falco | Brin Kline

Scan Data Analysis: GDI Analytic Test Drive (Interactive Class)

The purpose of an analytic test drive is to simply gather information. This data will have valuable clues that can help you identify the troubled engine management system and determine the needed test or tests to efficiently make an accurate diagnostic decision. 

In this class, we will teach attendees how to determine if the drivability concern is caused by an air, fuel, or measurement fault. We will then present interactive case studies with data that the attendees will use to determine the root cause of the concern. Attendees will be diagnosing these cases!

Join us as we work together to improve our accuracy and efficiency from the comfort of a classroom seat so you can diagnose drivability concerns from the comfort of the driver’s seat. 


John Thornton

Hybrid Diagnostic Case Studies

This class will overview the primary hybrid components.

Using a case study format, we will discuss high voltage battery testing, high voltage relays (contactors), inverters, and motor generators.

Megger testing and milliohm meter testing will be demonstrated.

A heavy emphasis will be placed on scan data interpretation, including Freeze Frame data.

We will discuss “Not Ready” diagnostics, and no start (gas engine) diagnostics.


Jim Morton

Diagnostic Bliss: Assembling the Puzzle Pieces for an Efficient and Profitable Diagnosis Process

In many of the Diagnostic presentations that I have seen over the years (including some of my own), there is a part of the diagnostic process taught. In this presentation, I would like to start with the initial consumer concern and go through the entire procedure ending with the “ROOT CAUSE” of the issue, Not the results.
By developing a consistent, repeatable procedure it will keep the shop and the technician profitable. I was taught years ago by my mentor that the difference between a Business and a Hobby is that one of them makes a Profit, so let’s spend some time analyzing how to get into the correct area of the concern with General Test procedures and then drive down the funnel to arrive at the actual concern using detailed Pinpoint test procedures.

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